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Siolim House, Wadi, Siolim, Goa, India
+91 832 2272941, +91 832 2272138, +91 9822 584560

Ashwem & Morjim beach hotels

The closest beach to our hotel is Morjim Beach. Morjim Beach, barely 15 minutes drive away from our beautiful boutique hotel, itself situated in an authentic village surrounding and close to charming serene environment. Once you get from our hotel to Morjim Beach, and other beaches in the North of Goa, you are within walking distance from the worldwide famous Turtle nesting sites, and the broad 3km long beach that is characteristic of Morjim. From our hotel, its is just a short drive to the North Goa beaches of Morjim and Ashwem, still far less discovered than the other beaches of Goa. Ours is the boutique hotel closest to gorgeous Morjim beach which overlooks the wonderful waters of the Arabian Sea, provides a wonderful setting to relax in or enjoy the beach activities. The beach is ideal for those seeking the silence and harmony of nature, all situated not far from the all the personalized services of a luxury boutique Hotel.

Essentially, let our hotel staff take care of ensuring you have a great stay while you enjoy the beautiful sands of the Morjim beach, enjoy the cool Goa beach vibe, and the great seafood at the Morjim beach hotel shacks. We can drop you off from the hotel and pick you up in the evening. So you can laze around in the golden rays of the sun or listen to the soothing sound of the waves, get a massage on the beach, taste the delicious seafood , while the gentle breeze will set your spirit free.

Morjim beach hotels can surely turn your staying in Goa into a memorable and enthralling experience. You can experience in the true character of Goa, where you come as a visitor and after a remarkable holiday you leave as a friend.

Down to the south from Morjim towards Arambol beaches is the stretch of 3 beaches in Pernem district. Directly south towards Arambol you can find Ashwem beach hotels. Dissimilar to other Goa beaches in the south Ashwem is a calm and a perfect place to relax. The white sandy stretches, gentle waters, and palm trees close to the seashore adds a unique charm to this place. Beautiful Ashwem beach hotels are essentially small simple thatched structures offering massages and fresh seafood on the beach, without the curse of commercialization. Long swims, brisk walks and lazing around are all unforgettable here.

If you stay at a magnificent hotel Siolim House you can just cross the bridge and easily get to Morjim and Ashwem, and enjoy the sea and sun at these awesome and picturesque places.

In 2001 Siolim House, built in 1675, was a finalist in the Asia Pacific Awards for Restoration by UNESCO, and received an Award of Honour.