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Siolim House, Wadi, Siolim, Goa, India
+91 832 2272941, +91 832 2272138, +91 9822 584560

Luxury hotel in Goa

Goa luxury hotels take full advantage of the magnificent natural and remarkable environments in great quantity throughout the state. Siolim House hotel offers the best of beach life and activities which retain a sense of deluxe seclusion and inimitability. Away from the usual beach resorts the cities of Goa are submersed in lively, vibrant environments, and present a wealth of cultural, historical sites, architecture and monuments.

One of the immense world luxury beach holiday destinations, Goa has a culture and history that goes way beyond the beautiful sands of it’s the most well-liked resorts. Goa is a distinct edifying entity from the rest of India, as a straight consequence of Portuguese rather than British colonial pressure.

You can observe Portuguese architecture throughout and blends with Indian and Mughal influences to form a unique and interesting Indian state. In every luxury hotel, Goa manages to supply a natural, yet flawless level of service to create the perfect background to any Goa adventure.

Visitors within Goa luxury hotels should expect an excellent level of individual service, whether that’s maid service, room service or concierge services. Also all the right advice, services, information will be provided to let guests make complete use of the facilities and facilities on offer. Most obvious within its luxury hotels, Goa’s exceptional culture of service with chic enhances what is a predictably gorgeous part of the planet in which to spend leisure time.

From the impressive and historic colonial influenced hotels to the new contemporary beach resort hotels, graceful sophistication is evident everywhere. Air conditioning in Siolim House hotel is usual in all guest places including the bedrooms, which are more enhanced with high quality bedding and furnishings. The excellence of accommodation on offer is on the same level with the finest resorts.

The newest technological features are available, from sound systems and TVs to internet and business conveniences. En suite bathrooms in Siolim House hotel will be completely prearranged and equipped with opulence, style, and usefulness in mind. Sumptuous hotels also have extra spaces in extensive suites, terraces and balconies.

If you want to have a rest in one of the best luxury hotels, Siolim House hotel will be your best choice!

In 2001 Siolim House, built in 1675, was a finalist in the Asia Pacific Awards for Restoration by UNESCO, and received an Award of Honour.