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Siolim House, Wadi, Siolim, Goa, India
+91 832 2272941, +91 832 2272138, +91 9822 584560

Hotels in North Goa

Goa is divided into 2 parts – South Goa and North Goa. Each part of Goa has its individual identity and charm. As a vacationer you can select to stay in any part of Goa. Definitely you miss out nothing because Goa is not a huge place, so with 3-4 days in hand, you will be able to explore and enjoy it thoroughly.

If you decide to stay in northern half, you should choose one of the boutique hotels in North Goa. They cater for any kind of tourists – economy, budget or luxury. Choosing of a north Goa hotel depends on how deep are you prepared to dig into your pocket. But anyway, you sojourn at any of north Goa hotels will present you with unbelievable impressions.

The Northern Area is a magnetizing part of Goa where greater part of tourist prefers to have rest. The lodging facilities are reasonably priced. The hotels in North Goa are set with world class facilities to provide visitors with absolute comfortable services. The capital city Panaji, which is in North Goa, is the most admirable for tourists. A wide range of boutique hotels, 4 star hotels, 5 star hotels and deluxe hotels are located in the amazing city of Goa. Also a number of new hotels and resorts in North Goa are developing very fast, making it a principle destination for holidaymakers.

If you want to make your holiday trip memorable, you should stay at one of the best north Goa boutique hotels – Siolim House. It is the one, which offers enormous hospitality to its guests. If you stay in our hotel in North Goa you wouldn’t need to worry about anything. The staff of Siolim House hotel is always there to fulfill all your requirements. Head towards North Goa and find joyful surroundings, adventures, activities, which will make you happy.

In 2001 Siolim House, built in 1675, was a finalist in the Asia Pacific Awards for Restoration by UNESCO, and received an Award of Honour.