Check-In: 2:00 p.m. Check-Out: 11:30 a.m. If planning to arrive later than 9:00 pm, please let our front desk staff know so we can plan accordingly.


    These policies only apply to bookings made on our site not via any portal.

    Barring the New Year period, you may cancel up to 7 days in advance for no charge. If cancelled less than 7 days and more than 2 days before arrival then 50% of the cost of your accommodations shall be charged. If less than 2 days then  the entire amount shall be due. 

    As you can imagine hotels have been also hit hard by this crisis, and while we wish to be as flexible as possible, cancellations need to be justified.

    Therefore, if you have COVID (as evidenced by Test Results) or other illness or your close family (first degree relations or people under your care), or if there is a new lockdown that does not allow you to travel, and flights are cancelled due to this purpose then we will refund you, or credit your account for a future booking (at your option).  

    As regards bookings between 26 Dec and 2 January, these must be fully paid and cancelled at least 3 weeks before, unless you or your direct family members have COVID or other serious illness (as per test results), or if there is a new lockdown that does not allow you to travel on that day, and flights are cancelled due to this purpose. In that case,  we will refund you or credit your account for a future booking (at your option). If you cancel less than 3 weeks before your arrival date then no refund will be due and we will refund you only if we have been able to secure another booking.


    Daily seated breakfast service is from 8:30am till 10:30am. Please allow 40 mins. for the seated breakfast. If there are time constraints, please mention them to the front desk at check-in so we can best accommodate.
    Daily breakfast service is only for registered hotel guests. For additional guests, there is a Rs 350 per day breakfast fee and the front desk must be notified 24 hours prior. Also, the chef must approve any requests as they will have to prepare for the adjustments.
    Dinner is served on prior order only. Timing for seating are 7-8:30 PM. We will not be able to serve dinner if you arrive after 8:30 PM


    Please note that outside food is not allowed to be consumed in rooms due to cleanliness issues. If you feel strongly, you may have these in the restaurant area but we would prefer that you order at the restaurant when in the hotel.

    Have a dietary restriction or food allergy? Let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your stay so we can plan accordingly. Some alterations to our daily menu can be made but please speak to te office to discuss options at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.


    Five or more rooms traveling together will constitute a group booking and a contract will be required. Reservations made as part of a group booking must adhere to the policies outlined in the contract. All group policies supersede policies shown on an individually booked reservation. For any group booking inquiries, please contact the front desk directly.


    At Siolim House we proudly offer our guests a serene and relaxing retreat where guests enjoy a quiet and private stay. For this reason, we welcome children 13 years and older at Siolim House Boutique Hotel. If you are traveling with any children under 13 years old, please contact us directly to arrange the best accommodations for you and if we can accommodate you we will depending on how busy we are.


    Siolim House is a non-smoking facility. Please do not smoke in the guestrooms. If smoke is detected, there will be a Rs 3000 cleaning fee added to your folio. Once on property, our front desk staff can advise on where smoking can take place.


    All room rates are based on double occupancy except for the Family Suite which includes four guests (of which tow adults are included in the tariff, and a maximum of one adult can be accomodated (upon additional payment), or two children below 12. Children below 5 are accommodated free is they sleep in the parent’s bed.  Children from 5 -12, or those requiring an extra bed will be charged Rs 500 per night. For any additional guests above age 12, or those that require an extra bed, there is a Rs 2500 per day fee. The fee will include breakfast service and onsite amenities. Please notify the front desk for any additional guests prior to arrival so we can make your stay as pleasant as possible. Please note that we will not be able to make last minute changes to your reservation as we have limited total occupancy and additional beds.


    Once a massage appointment is booked and confirmed, cancellations can occur greater than 24 hours than the requested appointment time. If cancellations occur within the 24-hour window, the guest will be responsible for the cost of the massage appointment.